Been spending most of my time working on the book manuscript, which has left little time for blogging. This is my first book, and assembling poems in an order is a bigger challenge than I had thought. My goal is a solid 48-56 pages, without sections. The three-section method of organizing books of poems seems overused now - more of a publishing convention than anything else. Glancing over the poetry shelf nearby, I see a couple titles where the sectioning makes sense: Pattiann Rogers' "Geocentric," a relatively short book in four sections, and Beth Ann Fennelly's "Open House," the latter of which I will blog about one of these days.


Referring to Nagarjuna, Leslie Scalapino discusses Buddhist ideas of emptiness and the nature of phenomena ("Perception is phenomena."), then: "Poetically in present-time this suggests to me writing that is its syntactical and structural motion (doesn't exist -- 'there' at any place as a sole entity in the series or sequence or whole -- nor in any other form than its moves) by not asserting its content simultaneously or sequentially. Authority is ignorance. One is to find out what's there, as occurrence."

It suggests something like that to me as well, but I'm skeptical - as I've said before - of any attempt to delineate it, my own attempts included. There is a vast difference between religious ideas and religious practice - particularly meditative or contemplative practices. I've alread backspaced over half a dozen attempts at this paragraph.

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